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 Guide To Ursa

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PostSubject: Guide To Ursa   Sun Dec 27, 2009 4:57 pm

Ursa is a different kind of dungeon. It's an event dungeon, where the prize is not exp/jp, but gen points.

Getting to ursa

HH:40 - Ursa will open for 15 minutes. When it is, go to any town, find the Ursa teleporter and enter the Ursa dungeon lobey for a 1000 rupee entry fee. After entering, you can make a party (if you were in a party before you entered, your party will be disbanded) by finding a big purple hand. Click on it to make your party (called Room in Ursa) or join an existing one.

HH:55 - The Ursa dungeon lobey closes. While waiting to be teleported in the Ursa dungeon in 5 minutes, your party can start buffing, or, if you haven't, you can make a party.

HH:00 - You then have 25 minutes to get 3000 points. Every points your party will do between 3000 and 6000 will give you more gen points.

Gen points
Gen points are sort of like rupees. They are used to buy items from the gen point vendor. The total gen points you get in one run depends on your amount of points. The lower your points are the lower gen points you will get. Gen points are counted inside a card each player will get if they complete ursa with 3000 or more points. The card adds up all your gen points total for that one character. Even if you have alts, each one will get their own card. The card cannot be traded or placed in WH.

12 instances of Ursa
The 12 instances of Ursa are divided up by your lvl. The ursa monster's lvl are varied depending on the instance.

Lvl 1 to 19

Lvl 20 to 34

Lvl 35 to 49

Lvl 50 to 64

Lvl 65to 79

Lvl 80 to 94

Lvl 95 to 109

Lvl 110 to 124

Lvl 125 to 139

Lvl 140 to 154

Lvl 155 to 170

Lvl 170+

Monsters in Ursa
There are 4 monsters in Ursa, and 1 boss (Making 5). The Boss is just like a [*] field boss, but just a little harder to kill. It does a lot more dmg, and can give fear for 5 seconds. All the bears in the dungeon (Aside from boss) are extremely easy to kill (Like 1/3 as strong as field mobs). The challenge is the fact that they can attack 10-15 or even 20 at the same time, and they’re all red mobs (killing on sight). They also do little dmg. They give very little exp and JP, and don't drop anything. The balance between exp and jp is closer then outside, so there’s less need of dlvling. Here is how many points each give:

Boss: 150

Matriarch: 10

Guards: 5

Cubs/Elders: 1

The Point System in Ursa

You must get 3000 points or more to get any gen points. If you get 2999 or are dead when the timer ends, you only get the Sympathy Box with some bonus gen points. Remember, if you die, you still lose exp.

I believe the amount of gen points you gain is your points divided by 10, and then an additional amount depending on the Ursa instance. So, if you get 3000 points, you would get 300 gen points plus a bonus. The bonus usually is around 60-180 gen points.

The maximum amount of points you can get is 6000, and the maximum amount of gen points you can get in one run is 780. Once you get 6000 points, you can teleport back to lobby to get the Victory Box.


Spread out


Kill as many Matriarch or Guards as possible

Don't loose time killing the boss unless you have a big party

For more information (and maps), go to the folowing links:
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Guide To Ursa
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